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From Charles Anthony <charles.anth...@hpdsoftware.com>
Subject RE: Thread-safe problem with PersistenceBrokerThreadMapping
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:19:43 GMT


>I see a probelm: What if the delegate is itself a

I spotted that too....

>A potential way out is as follows:
>add amethod 
>PersistenceBroker getUltimateDelegate();
>to interface PersistenceBroker.  
>The class DelegatingPersistenceBroker implements this as
>return getDelegate().getUltimateDelegate();
>all other PersistenceBrokers just do 
>return this;
>Then the above code could avoid instanceof and cast and simply do
The only objection I would have would be that adding getUltimateDelegate to
the PB interface would mean that 
a) the PB interface "knows" about delegates, which sort of defeats the point
of hidden delegates
b) further "pollution" on the PN interface.

I would suggest a half way house where the getUltimateDelegate was on the
DelegatingPersistenceBroker class, and that the
PersistenceBrokerFactoryDefaultImpl did 

 if(broker instanceof DelegatingPersistenceBroker)


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