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From Chris Rossi <ro...@webslingerZ.com>
Subject What is current status of LOBs with Oracle?
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:45:31 GMT

I remember having seen previously conversation on this list concerning
getting OJB to be able to work with LOBs in Oracle.  I remember there
being some philosophical debate on how best to attack this problem, and
I remember that some people had patched their own code to get this to
work, but there hadn't been any decision as to what to do to the current

My apologies if this has already been addressed and I just lost it in
the volume of email, but I'm wondering now, has this been resolved?  Or
are LOBs under Oracle still broken?  Does anybody have a patch they
would share that works for OJB 0.9.9?

At any rate, I've hit a point where the ability to do LOBs in Oracle is
a basic requirement.  If I can't do it with OJB then I'm going to have
to do it with something else.


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