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From Jakob Braeuchi <jbraeu...@gmx.ch>
Subject Re: Fix for bug in PersistenceBrokerImpl (Part 1)
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:59:54 GMT
hi thomas,

is delete m:n implementors no longer needed in storeCollections ?


Thomas Mahler wrote:

> fixed it!
> thanks for the patch,
> Thomas
> Jamie Burns wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I found what l believe to be a bug in PersistenceBrokerImpl.
>> I have an EpisodeDetails object which has a collection of 
>> LegalSituations in an indirection table EpsDetLegSit. When a user 
>> deletes an EpsDetLegSit it is removed ok when the transaction is 
>> committed. However, if they try to add the EpsDetLegSit back in  in 
>> the same VM it does not get added when the transaction is committed.
>> Back in November last year (2002/11/11) a change was made to the 
>> setInitialModificationState method in ObjectEnvelope. The change 
>> looked in a Map maintained by LoadedObjectsRegistry to see if the 
>> object had already been loaded in the VM. If the Map contained the 
>> object, ObjectEnvelope sets the initial state to StateOldClean. This 
>> is ok initially, but if the object is deleted it is not removed from 
>> LoadedObjectsRegistry. When the user tries to re-add the object, 
>> ObjectEnvelope still thinks the object exists and sets the state of 
>> the NEW object to StateOldClean.
>> The changes l am submitting remove entries from the 
>> LoadedObjectsRegistry Map when PersistenceBrokerImpl removes entries 
>> from its ObjectCache. (Im sending the files in 2 seperate emails. My 
>> emails are getting bounced because of some size restriction)
>> In the future someone might want to look at whether it is the 
>> responsibility of a PersistenceBroker or an ObjectCache to keep the 
>> LoadedObjectsRegistry in synch. For now, lve made it the 
>> responsibilty of a PersistenceBroker.
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