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From Thomas Mahler <thm...@web.de>
Subject [ann] new release 0.9.9
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 22:48:20 GMT
Hi all,

I've just assembled the latest release of our favourite software.

Thanks to all who helped to get this done!

 From the release notes:

ObJectRelationalBridge -- Bridging Java Objects and Relational Databases

ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) is an Object/Relational mapping tool that
provides transparent transactional persistence for Java Objects against
relational databases.
OJB supports ODMG and JDO.

Release 0.9.9

- With this release we are feature complete for the 1.0 release!
For 1.0 you should not expect more features to be added.

- Metadata handling was improved. The persistent object
metadata is decoupled from the connection metadata.

- Multiple database support was simplified. Now you only
need one repository file and it is allowed to define several
jdbc-connection-descriptors in the repository file.

- In the PBKey we now use an alias name (and user/password)
to match the connection (jdbc-connection-descriptor), instead
using the path to the repository file.

- Remove the "max. connections in pool" property from OJB.properties,
this could be done separate for each database in the repository
file using the connection-pool element.

- Move sequence manager configuration from OJB.properties into the
repository file (see sequence-manager element in repository.dtd).
Now it's possible to define a separate sequence manager for each

- Refactored sequence package, better support for database
based id gerneration.

- The connection factory implementations using connection
pooling (ConnectionFactoryDBCPImpl, ConnectionFactoryPooledImpl)
now support a 'validationQuery' to check if the returned pooled
connection is valid.

- Make JdbcAccess, ConnectionManager, StatementManager pluggable
via setting in OJB.properties

- PersistenceBroker api changes of methods used in kernel
getExtentClass ---> getTopLevelClass
getConnectionManager --> serviceConnectionManager
getStatementManager --> serviceStatementManager
getUniqueXXX methods removed ---> use serviceSequenceManager instead
add new method removeListener

- Improve the OJB performance test suite. Add a simple test
framework to allow comparison of OJB with other O/R mapping tools.

- tons of bug fixes

More information is available at http://db.apache.org/ojb

I hope you enjoy the new release,

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