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From David Warnock <da...@sundayta.com>
Subject Firebird and OJB core tables
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 22:13:58 GMT

I have a problem with the full support for Firebird in OJB.

Firebird has a maximum key length that is approx 200 bytes (varies with 
number and type of columns a bit).

But 2 tables defined for the core tables use much longer index key lengths.

I guess changing column lengths in OJB_HL_SEQ is not a problem given 
Firebird has max table and column length of 31 chars.

But what about OJB_LOCKENTRY with OID_ VARCHAR (250) and TX_ID VARCHAR 
(50) in it's index? Can I reduce these lengths by 50?

Note that I also have to enforce an asci char set for these to ensure 
that characters only take 1 byte (I use unicode as the default in most 

I also have to enforce not null on all primary keys.

Do these changes sound OK (I am only using PB and not ODMG at present so 
probably won't be needing these tables anyway)?

David Warnock, Sundayta Ltd. http://www.sundayta.com
iDocSys for Document Management. VisibleResults for Fundraising.
Development and Hosting of Web Applications and Sites.

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