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From sschloes...@intermediate.de
Subject Antwort: Here is an Eclipse Plugin for OJB
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:12:19 GMT


this is great, just a shame I am using Netbeans. Is there any way to adapt
this for use within Netbeans?


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if you are interessed in an Eclipse Plugin for OJB to generate resource
file and the value object here is a simple one:


It is based on the reversdb tool from OJB. I chaged the XML output and
the Java generator.

The Plug-in uses a property file (ImpartOJBGenerator.properties) under
the users home directory.

If the property file not exist then the program create a default file in
your user home.

For example in 'C:\Documents and Settings\impart'

In the property file you can define:

-          DB connection settings

-          output directory

-          filename for user repository

-          packagename for the value objects

-          import for the value objects

-          implements for the value objects

-          extends for the value objects


The source is included.

You can also execute OJBPlugin.jar with out the Eclips.

If you have questions, remarks or wishes, tell me.


Matthais Roth

Matthais Roth

Dipl. Ing. HTL

in Wirtschaftsinformatik

impart Software Engineering GmbH

Chasseralstrasse 13


CH-3063 Ittigen

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Fax             +41 (0)31 922 39 18

EMail           mailto:matthias.roth@impart.ch

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