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From "Ron Gallagher" <rongallag...@bellsouth.net>
Subject [PATCH] Sequence Support in Oracle
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 02:03:04 GMT
All --

I'm working with the HEAD revision from cvs, extracted from cvs Saturday
afternoon, and I'm trying to get the sequence manager to utilize sequences
that are defined in my repository.

First, I added the following to my jdbc-connection-descriptor:
  <jdbc-connection-descriptor platform="Oracle" ...>
  </jdbc-connection-descriptor ...>

I also configured a class to utilize a sequence:
  <class-descriptor class="com.ge.ps.pdb.data.Bogus2Data" table="BOGUS2">
    <field-descriptor autoincrement="true" column="BOGUS2_ID" [SNIP]
    <field-descriptor column="BOGUS2_NAME" [SNIP]/>

After doing this, I immediately got the following error:

  "This feature is not supported by this implementation"

The root cause of this was the absence of an implementation of the
nextSequenceQuery method in
org.apache.ojb.broker.platforms.PlatformOracleImpl.  I added an
implementation for this method, and all is working fine for now.  Here's the

    public String nextSequenceQuery(String sequenceName)
        return "select " + sequenceName + ".nextval from dual";

This implementation was copied straight from
org.apache.ojb.broker.platforms.PlatformSapdbImpl.  I did not implement
createSequenceQuery or dropSequenceQuery since I don't need them in my
situation.  However, should these methods also be implemented in
org.apache.ojb.broker.platforms.PlatformOracleImpl to complete the support?
If so, the implementation that's found in
org.apache.ojb.broker.platforms.PlatformSapdbImpl can be used as-is.

Second question/problem...

In the field-descriptor for the column "BOGUS2_ID", I initially specified
the full name of the sequence that I wanted to use ("SEQ_BOGUS2_ID").
However, when it came time to get the next value from the sequence, the name
SEQ_SEQ_BOGUS2_ID was used instead.  A little searching found this in the
getUniqueId method in

        // lookup sequence name
        String sequenceName = SEQ_PREFIX +
SequenceManagerHelper.buildSequenceName(getBrokerForClass(), field);

If the sequence-name attribute is specified on the field-descriptor, then
SequenceManagerHelper.buildSequenceName will return the value as-is, without
modification.  So, in my case, SequenceManagerHelper.buildSequenceName was
returning SEQ_BOGUS2_ID, which is what I wanted.  However, the getUniqueId
method in SequenceManagerNextValImpl then added an extra prefix (SEQ_) on to
that, resulting in a sequence name of SEQ_SEQ_BOGUS2_ID, which is not what I
wanted.  It seems to me that the addition of the prefix by
SequenceManagerNextValImpl.getUniqueId is unnecessary.  If
SequenceManagerHelper.buildSequenceName finds a sequence-name on the
field-descriptor, then that value should be used without modification.  That
seems rather intuitive.  If there is no sequence-name specified on the
field-descriptor, then the SequenceManagerHelper.buildSequenceName method
has extra logic to assemble a sequence name based on the table name of the
'base' class.  If that logic is used to assemble the sequence name, then it
makes sense to append the "SEQ_" prefix at that point.

I've attached updates to org.apache.ojb.broker.platforms.PlatformOracleImpl
and org.apache.ojb.broker.util.sequence.SequenceManagerNextValImpl to
reflect the changes that I'm proposing.

Ron Gallagher
Atlanta, GA

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