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From "Florian Bruckner" <...@florianbruckner.com>
Subject AW: reverse db tools status
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 17:38:55 GMT
Hi Anthony,

> So, please do not get offended when i talked about 'design' because
> late-comer always gets benefit from hindsight. Therefore, I would like to
> emphasize that i have no intention to be critical (just in case
> my previous
> email convey the otherwise :-). But following one of my 'goals',
> which in a
> nutshell a decoupling between ui and functions, I logically set out the
> blue-print. And your willingness to particate gonna be valauble
> to the whole
> projects.

No problem at all, you're right with your criticism, I just wanted to
explain why I did no design. I really share your opinion.

> To be honest, I did not really study the structure of the
> reversedb2 because
> the documentation left me an impression that it is an unfinihed work.
> Besides people reported that reversedb works before, desipte only
> generating
> old style schema. So that's why i picked it up and move on.

Unfortunateyl reversedb doesn't work that well, there are problems with
mysql, mssql and postgres and reading a schema from oracle is really slow.
Reversedb2 has some major improvements as reading a schema should work
faster by magnitutes while being more reliable, but it is still unfinished
work. The infrastructure is already working, it is just that the models are
not finished the ui needs some attention, but the basis is there.

> I think we agree on decoupling the ui and the core functionality. This is
> important because it can benefit, for example, various plugin writers.
> I can leave reversedb as it is now and pick up the reversedb2 to
> forward our
> development. But in the submitted version you can see ui codes are already
> removed. So we can work out which version should be based for further
> development effort.

I will try to integrate your changes into CVS over the weekend. But we
should focus the effort on reversedb2. Maybe you'd like to have a look at
the code before we discuss this.

> Also some bugs are just found:
> In the output schema xml
> 1) The field ids are not in consecutive orders and so may cause
> errors with
> 0.9.8. I heard someone is working to allow "holes" in the ids,
> but i do not
> know the status. May need or need not to fix depending on this?
> 2) 'foreign-descriptor/class-ref' have been assigned invalid classes name.
> Basically i forgot to set the Package name, so a PackageName.ClassName
> becomes nullClassName

I'll have a look into it.

best regards,


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