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From John Holman <j.g.hol...@qmul.ac.uk>
Subject postgresql profile issue
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 14:23:23 GMT
In profile/postgresql.profile, the default setting

databaseUrl = 

fails for remote databases, since in that case the urlDbalias already 
looks like e.g. //mycompany.com/OJB.

I suggest it would be clearer to change the defaults to

databaseUrl = ${urlProtocol}:${urlSubprotocol}:${urlDbalias}

since this should work for local databases and also allows the 
urlDbalias to be changed in the obvious way for remote ones without 
altering the databaseUrl setting.

(Note: I've not actually checked the local case however, only the remote 

Thanks, John.

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