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From Thomas Mahler <t...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Perceived Usability of OJB
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:15:44 GMT
Hi Matthew,

Matthew Baird wrote:
 > I've been trying to figure out why people think OJB is difficult to
 > use, and I think it has come down to not shipping a WAR/EAR that
 > shows the classes O-R mapping functionality.

I often hear users complaining about the OJB.properties jungle! I really 
like your idea of providing "kits" that contain meaningful default 
settings for different scenarios.

 > If we had something that we could include in a "demo" directory with
 > a WAR that deployed (with HSQLDB) and just worked, right out of the
 > box, that would probably go a long way towards changing the
 > perception of OJB.

Yes that would be great.

 > The last few months have been great, we've made incredible progress
 > both on a feature and a performance front. The next things to
 > consider are Usability and Documentation.

+1. All recent comparisons of OJB and Hibernate I have seen do not 
longer focus on functionality or performance but on documentation!
This is a clear sign that we have to improve in this area!

 > The question is, do we have anything like this we could package up,
 > or is anyone working on something like this now?

We already have a sample war target in build.xml that contains a very 
simple servlet app. Maybe this could be a start.

There is also the beer4all application in the contribution package which 
is very easy to setup !

The only problem I see is that HSQLDB jdbc url is not resolved properly 
within the webapp directory structure. Thus the url must be changed by 
hand to contain an absolute path. (see setup instruction of the beer4all 
app) I did not find a solution to get around this problem...


 > cheers, Matthew
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