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From "Chris Greenlee" <CGreen...@demandsolutions.com>
Subject Goals of the Jakarta-OJB project
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 16:09:42 GMT
Hello all,

I've been wondering for a while what the current goals of the OJB project
are.  Following the ojb-dev list has given me the impression that
development is occurring in several areas, but I can't really see an
overall direction.  Is there one overriding goal at the moment?  Are there
several?  And what is the primary argument for using OJB over, say,

I know that OJB has ODMG support, and wants to provide JDO support, and
being standards compliant is always nice.  Is standards-compliance a
primary goal of OJB?  And if so, does it trump performance and
flexibility?  I often see developers questioning whether a (supposedly
beneficial) change can be made to the PersistenceBroker without breaking
ODMG compliance.  Presumably the same questions will eventually arise with
JDO.  Is the OJB developer community focused more on providing a flexible,
fast persistence layer, or on providing a standards-compliant persistence

I'm not saying that either of those goals is better; it would just be
helpful to know which is the goal.  To say that they are both goals is an
oversimplification though: when a conflict arises betweens flexibility,
performance, and standards, which wins?

Thanks in advance for any responses.  I hope this generates some useful
discussion on the direction of OJB.


Chris Greenlee

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