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From Russell Smyth <rsm...@computer-guidance.com>
Subject RE: Bug found, need input before submitting fix
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:09:00 GMT
> hi russell,
> > > do you have the same problem when using another rdbms ?
> > Havent tried it, but I would assume a different rdbms would 
> not change
> > the fact that having two identically named columns in a result set
> i was thinking of different join syntax. btw what dbms do you use ?
> jakob

Currently we are developing against SAPDB, but we have a requirement 
(and do test against periodically) DB2, DB2400, and possibly

FYI - Ken Robinson, who you are working with on another problem, is the one
closer to this problem here also (actually related) so I will let him fill
you in
with the info/ queries.


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