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From Thomas Mahler <t...@apache.org>
Subject Re: OJB Docs
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 21:50:30 GMT
Hi Brian,

Brian McCallister wrote:
> Is anyone actively working on docs for OJB? 

There is a volunteer working on polishing style and grammar of the 

> Having just started nosing
> around the sources and trying to use OJB (ODMG and JDO, no PB yet) it
> doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of documentation -- usage or
> architecture.

I did write most of the existing OJB docs. It took me weeks, so I'm a 
bit confused to here that there is not sufficient documentation avaible.
I don't say it's perfect. But alone tutorial3.html prints out as 40 pages...

Are sure you built the docs with ant xslt and read everything in 

> I am considering writing up my notes as more formal docs, and diving
> into some architectural docs. 

That's great! Of course it's good to have some more in depth 
architectural docs.

> Normally I would post them to a personal
> site for people to use as they may, but as there doesn't seem to be an
> awful lot with OJB already, I figured it might be best to just write
> docs for the project itself. 

That's a good idea. We will integrate such docs into the existing stuff!

> I don't want to double up on effort or step
> on anyone's toes though... so this email.

Apart from the mentioned stylistic corrections there are currently no 
documentation efforts I know of.

So just let me know what you would like to add to the docs, and we'll 
plan how to integrate the missing stuff into the xisting structure.


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