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From tobr...@transolutions.net (O'brien, Tim)
Subject Patch for tutorial1, tutorial2, faq, and site.xsl
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 20:09:27 GMT
Here is a patch for some docs..

** site.xsl

- If a section or subsection has an "anchor" parameter that is used in the
<a name.../>. The system was using @name in the anchor name, and for
something like FAQ where the section and subsection names are so large it
was not desirable to have to reference FAQ entries with the entire question.
There is an xsl:choose in the variable declaration which will ensure that
existing pages do not break.

QUESTION: It doesn't look like site.vsl or site_printable.vsl are being
referenced in jakarta-ojb, is this correct?

** tutorial1

- Removed references to QueryByExample, replaced them with QueryByCriteria
- Added in an example showing a complex QueryByCriteria example.
- incremental grammar, spelling

** tutorial2

- Added a try/catch around tx.lock().
- Change reference to static member variable tx.WRITE -> Transaction.WRITE
- incremental grammar, spelling

** faq

- Added an unordered list that links to all questions.
- Improved wording of first question.
- Changed tx.READ to Transaction.READ
- incremental grammar, spelling

Tim O'Brien 
Transolutions, Inc.
W 847-574-2143
M 847-863-7045

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