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From Thomas Mahler <t...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Auto Database Creation
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 21:24:54 GMT
Hi Travis,

Wow! *COOL* feature! well done!

travis@thinkvirtual.com wrote:
 > Hi y'all,
 > Just tested out the tutorial applications using the automatic
 > database creation and it's all good.

I've tested it: works great. This is the DBA's nightmare! Applications 
will recognize if tables exist and act accordingly.

 >  So in other words, no need to
 > have the torque schemas because the database is created from the
 > repos.  We may want to look at dropping the torque generation as it
 > is just several extra unnecessary steps.

It would be cool to get rid of the torque schemas (they caused a lot of 
pain to many users). But we currently also use Torque to insert test 
data for the testsuite.
Maybe we can write a little app that inserts the testdata using normal 
entity classes and your automatic table generation.

The Fielddescriptors in repository.xml currently do not contain any size 
information. that is, they don't specify VARCAHR(255) but only VARCHAR!
We have to add this information!

 > Also, when making changes to the repos, the next load will add/alter
 > tables with any changes in the repos.  This is a good step in the
 > transparent datastore direction and should save a LOT of time.

 > To try the tutorial apps, delete the test database or just run ant
 > target "main" and "prepare-repository", and change the OJB.properties
 > autobuild=true.


 > Travis Reeder
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