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From Michelle Caisse <mcai...@sonic.net>
Subject Use of brackets in documents
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2012 00:27:07 GMT
On the telecon this morning, we discussed how square brackets are used 
in the spec, other than in the hidden assertion markers. In some cases, 
the spec uses brackets around an internal cross reference, as in "[see 
Chapter 5]".  I checked several on-line style guides for information 
about the use of brackets in writing.


The most similar case presented in these sources is the use of brackets 
for references, but that is strictly for a reference that provides a key 
to bibliographic entries that are listed elsewhere in the document. 
IMHO, it would be more in accord with standard usage to use parentheses 
instead of square brackets for internal cross references in the spec. 
This would alleviate potential confusion with the brackets in assertion 
markers when using a script to extract assertions.

-- Michelle

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