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From Andy Jefferson <a...@datanucleus.org>
Subject Apache JDO site : problem with upload
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 14:13:35 GMT
The old instructions to update the Apache JDO site to include any updated files 
in SVN were
1. SSH to people.apache.org
2. cd to /www/db.apache.org/jdo/
3. `cat update`

This now gives
svn: E155036: Please see the 'svn upgrade' command
svn: E155036: Working copy '/x1/www/db.apache.org/jdo' is too old (format 10, 
created by Subversion 1.6)

i.e the Apache machine has been upgraded to SVN 1.7+ and what was there is for 
an old revision. Doing an "svn upgrade" works until it gets to
svn: E000013: Can't stat 
Permission denied

Seems that 
has permissions
-r--r--r--  1 madams  db  3659 Dec 20  2011 entries

would you be able to fix these permissions? Maybe you could also run the "svn 
upgrade" command while at it to make sure there are no others with similar 
problem later on

DataNucleus (http://www.datanucleus.org)

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