Hi Andy,

the database schema now includes the definition of the sequence used by the test cases in detach.conf. So I thought I could run the tck w/o the datanuclues auto create table feature. I changed the jdori-pmf.properties to

But the test cases fail, because it tries to create the sequence included in the schema definition:
  Could not create new "sequence" DATASTORE_SEQ since autoCreate flags do not allow it.

Any idea why the existing sequence is not used? I double-checked the schema and the mapping metadata, but cannot find anything.

You find the datanucleus logging output attached below.

Regards Michael

Hi Andy,

thanks for the links.

I added a DN JIRA: http://www.datanucleus.org/servlet/jira/browse/NUCRDBMS-581 and attached a patch for the DerbyAdapter class. I also added a patch to the JDO JIRA https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JDO-682 changing the schema and the mapping to make use of sequences in derby. So the configuration detach.conf will test the DN support for sequences in derby.

Regards Michael

Is it an issue to support sequences in the derby adapter? The derby
database itself supports sequences since version 10.6.
Hi Michael,

you can easily contribute support.
The adapter for Derby at
needs updating to include support for versions 10.6+ (only).

To see an example of an adapter which has support look at
and search for "sequence" (case-insensitive); ought to give you enough of an
idea what is needed. Then raise a DN JIRA and attach a patch.

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