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From Craig L Russell <craig.russ...@oracle.com>
Subject Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Jan 21, 9 am Pacific Time
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:01:23 GMT
Attendees: Michelle Caisse, Michael Bouschen, Craig Russell


1. Maven2 upgrade.  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JDO-647

Dependencies have been changed to conform to the maven  
DependencyManagement pattern.
Tck dependencies have been updated to the latest DataNucleus version  
2.2.2. The dependency should actually be on the exectck project not  
the tck project.
To run the tck with an IUT, users will have to edit the pom and  
profiles to add their dependent jar files.
The "run-once" tests run twice. Is this ok? Yes.

2. Inheritance strategy http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-jdo-dev/201101.mbox/browser

Surprising to hear that JPA has a mapping feature that JDO doesn't.  
Maybe there is a misunderstanding. AI everyone: Is this scenario  
really not supported by JDO?

3. Test case failure: SQLException in  
ParenthesesMarkOperatorPrecedence https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JDO-672

No progress.

4. Other issues

Dependencies on JPA: the api needs JPA 3.0 and the tck needs JPA 2.0

The issue is with the getProperties() method in  
JDOEntityManagerFactory which extends both EntityManagerFactory and  
PersistenceManagerFactory. In JDO PersistenceManagerFactory the method  
returns Properties and in JPA EntityManagerFactory returns Map<String,  

Possible solutions: change JDO PersistenceManagerFactory to return  
Map<String, Object> or remove the JDOEntityManagerFactory and  
JDOEntityManger interfaces. Are these being used by anyone?

AI Michael file a JIRA.

Action Items from weeks past:

[Jan 14 2011] Craig check into using the Apache parent pom. No progress.

Craig L Russell
Architect, Oracle
408 276-5638 mailto:Craig.Russell@oracle.com
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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