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From Andy Jefferson <a...@datanucleus.org>
Subject Re: Restructure jdo repository
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 08:37:02 GMT
> > I'd like to simplify the jdo repository that now contains lots of
> > projects that are no longer being used or maintained.


> > The only projects in trunk that have active development are api and
> > tck. There are a few files that we need to keep, such as LICENSE and
> > JDO3.MF, but most of the rest can be moved elsewhere.
> >
> > I propose we svn move the legacy projects and files to jdo/legacy or
> > some other name from trunk, and in trunk keep just the api and tck
> > projects and associated files.

Isn't this what "branches" is for ?

1. when we release 3.0 then we create a "branches/3.0" and this contains all 
files that are there currently, so if anyone really wanted to see those other 
projects then they could do in that branch.

2. once we have a branches/3.0 then we delete the unneeded files from trunk, so 
it comes down to just "api" and "tck" and a few build files.

3. when we release 3.1 then we create a branches/3.1 (and can delete any files 
that are not needed after that point from trunk).


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