I propose to adapt the README.html and the RunRules.html under tck. Attached you find a patch, please have a look.

Regards Michael

Hi Andy, hi Craig,

I renamed all the 2.3 Metadata artifacts to 3.0, e.g jdo_2_3.xsd to 
jdo_3_0.xsd, etc. (see revision 947505). I changed all the .jdo, 
.jdoquery and .orm files in tck to refer the 3.0 xsd files.

I also added a JDO3.MF Manifest file to the root directory and changed 
the projects.properties in api and tck to refer JDO3.MF and API3.MF.

Regards Michael
Hi Craig,

Will this be affected by renaming all the schema files in api/src/
There won't be a jdo_2_3.xsd or any other 2_3 artifacts, just 3.0. And
the content will also be changed.
Good point. 
I've just added "3.0" DTD/XSD local variants into the "datanucleus-core" jar 
that we use when people specify those in their XML files. Since we'll have 
users who may have specified "2.3" variants in their XML files, I'll retain 
support for those and direct them to the 3.0 local copies. Will be in our 
nightly builds from tonight.



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