Hi Craig,

I see the same results as Andy.

I propose a minor change in the api project: replace @since 2.3 by @since 3.0 in the javadoc. Attached you find a patch implementing the change. I can check it in, please let me know.

Regards Michael

Hi Andy,

I think I understand all of this and will fix shortly.



On May 19, 2010, at 8:51 AM, Andy Jefferson wrote:

Hi Craig,

I think these are pretty close to what we want to ship for the next
release. Can others please try the two projects and see if there are
any issues?
api builds ok for me, but creates 2.3-SNAPSHOT (from parent  
project.xml) not

api/pom.xml has artifactId="jdo2-api" and name="JDO2 API".
Should be "jdo-api" and "JDO API"

api/project.xml has name="JDO2 API"
Should be "JDO API"

enhancement.conf gave
   [java] Cannot find test class
   [java] Cannot find test class
Maybe these are tests that shouldn't be run or something ?

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