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From CEr...@versant.com
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release JDO.next Specification (was Review copy of JDO 2.3 with change bars and assertions)
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 09:04:13 GMT
Hi !

+1 for Release JDO.next specification
+1 for Rename JDO.next to JDO 3.0

Craig L Russell <craig.russell@oracle.com> wrote on 30.04.2010 03:38:23:

> From:
> Craig L Russell <craig.russell@oracle.com>
> To:
> JDO Expert Group <jdo-experts-ext@sun.com>, Apache JDO project <jdo-
> dev@db.apache.org>
> Date:
> 30.04.2010 03:42
> Subject:
> [VOTE] Release JDO.next Specification (was Review copy of JDO 2.3
> with change bars and assertions)
> I've looked at the changes for JDO 2.3 and I agree with others that
> the changes are pretty significant in terms of new capabilities for
> tools and users.
> Added an Enhancer API to allow applications to dynamically enhance
> classes.
> Added a Metadata API to allow applications to query and create
> metadata for classes.
> Modified the behavior of getObjectById to allow the application to
> specify the exact class of an instance, thereby avoiding a database
> access to instantiate a persistent instance with a specific identity.
> Added a datastore timeout that will cancel datastore operations that
> exceed a user-specified time limit.
> Added a query cancel that allows applications to cancel currently-
> executing queries.
> The Enhancer API enables tools to be developed that support plugins
> for ant, Eclipse, Netbeans, and other Java IDEs and tools to allow
> users to enhance their classes during build, packaging, or runtime,
> without use of proprietary APIs.
> The Metadata API enables tools to be developed to dynamically create
> Java classes that map to existing SQL and NoSQL datastores and
> dynamically specify the metadata for the mapping, without use of
> proprietary APIs.
> To me, this justifies renaming the release from JDO 2.3 to JDO 3.0.
> I'd like to run two votes simultaneously:
> Release JDO.next specification (the vote on the release artifacts will
> follow shortly; there are still a small number of issues to resolve)
> Rename JDO.next to JDO 3.0.
> Please vote early and often. The last vote recorded for any person
> will determine that person's vote. Polls are open now and will close
> no earlier than May 6.
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