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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: DataNucleus dependencies in JDO TCK
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 09:02:16 GMT
Hi Andy,

thanks for the info.
>> So I updated these dependencies to make use of the latest version:
>> 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT for core and rdbms and 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT for enhancer and
>> jpa. Are these the correct versions to use? If yes, I will update the
>> project.xml accordingly.
> Yes.
> The ones with names 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT are likely to change a lot so better to 
> stick with 1.1. Also 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT for jpa.

I could not find a 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT for jpa in the maven1 repo.
So I updated the dependencies to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT for core and rdbms and 
1.1.4-SNAPSHOT for enhancer and jpa.
>> Another question: is there a datanucleus version supporting
>> Query.cancelAll and Query.cancel(Thread t)?
> datanucleus-rdbms contains an alternative implementation of JDOQL that will 
> eventually replace the current one, and it supports Query cancel. To make use 
> of it you can set the PMF property
> datanucleus.query.JDOQL.implementation=JDOQL2
> Obviously that can't be globally enabled since there are things it won't 
> support yet.
I tried JDOQL2 for my Query.cancel testcase, but unfortunately my test 
query is not yet supported by the JDOQL2 implementation:
  Dont currently support VariableExpression.field(s) : 

Regards Michael

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