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From Timo Westkämper <timo.westkam...@mysema.com>
Subject Re: Querydsl release 0.4.4
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 19:26:07 GMT
Hi Andy.

> Hi Timo,
>> The newest release of Querydsl has now support for subqueries for JDOQL.
>> Is there some kind of conformance test suite to validate Querydsl as a
>> JDOQL implementation?
> But QueryDSL isn't a JDOQL implementation though is it ? You presumably take 
> your API input and convert it into a single-string form of JDOQL for use by 
> the actual JDOQL implementation (e.g DataNucleus). You don't execute the 
> query on the underlying datastore. 
> The JDO2 TCK test compliance with the JDO2 spec ... for the JDO 
> implementation. Specifically, those tests (in Apache JDO SVN) will use the 
> JDOQL API and single-string form, and test the results from those queries 
> (after execution on the datastore).
Yes, you are correct. Querydsl is just an API layer on top of JDO. What 
I meant is that I could use the JDO2 TCK tests to make sure that all 
queries can be constructed via Querydsl.

It would be at the same time a reference on how Querydsl queries are 
serialized into single string JDOQL form.

Timo Westkämper.

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