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From Andy Jefferson <a...@datanucleus.org>
Subject Re: Querydsl release 0.4.4
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 19:08:10 GMT
Hi Timo,

> The newest release of Querydsl has now support for subqueries for JDOQL.
> Is there some kind of conformance test suite to validate Querydsl as a
> JDOQL implementation?

But QueryDSL isn't a JDOQL implementation though is it ? You presumably take 
your API input and convert it into a single-string form of JDOQL for use by 
the actual JDOQL implementation (e.g DataNucleus). You don't execute the 
query on the underlying datastore. 

The JDO2 TCK test compliance with the JDO2 spec ... for the JDO 
implementation. Specifically, those tests (in Apache JDO SVN) will use the 
JDOQL API and single-string form, and test the results from those queries 
(after execution on the datastore).

Andy  (DataNucleus - http://www.datanucleus.org)

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