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From Matthew Adams <matt...@matthewadams.me>
Subject Re: Enhancer specification text for discussion
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2008 17:45:05 GMT
Looks pretty good to me.  One question, below, though.

On Dec 21, 2008, at 3:41 PM, Craig L Russell wrote:
> -<option>: If a parameter begins with a "-" is found, it is added to  
> the other options list via the addOptions method.

What is the format of the -<option> arguments for unary and non-unary  
arguments?  That is, some options may take no arguments, one argument,  
or more than one argument.  How does the standard enhancer analyze and  
pass these to the implementation?

For example, if I have three vendor-specific arguments foo, bar, and  
goo, used like this,

... -r -v -foo -bar bararg -goo gooarg1 gooarg2 acme-domain.jar

how does the standard enhancer know that gooarg1 and gooarg2 are  
arguments to not resource or directory names?  If the syntax is


I don't think it could.  This might require a different format of the  


and the use of platform-specific characters (quotes, double quotes,  
etc) to indicate that the option's arguments should be read together.   
To avoid this, the form could be instead


where <option-value-separator> could be in some list of specified  
values like comma, semicolon, colon, etc.



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