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From cbeams <cbe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Support for final modifier on fields
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:00:36 GMT
A bit more on this topic.  It looks like the post-construction  
mutability of final fields was a change made in Java 5 per JSR-133.

Heinz Kabutz goes deeply into it here: http://www.javaspecialists.eu/ 

He even specifically calls out:

	"It makes sense to allow updates to final  fields. For example, we  
could relax the requirement to have fields non-final in JDO."

Definitely give the article a read... interesting stuff.

- Chris

On Sep 21, 2007, at 1:31 PM, cbeams wrote:

> I'd like to point out a minor inconsistency in the spec (that  
> actually caused me some trouble), as well as suggest a change:
> Section 6.2, "Goals" reads:
> 6.2 Goals
> The JDO Object Model has the following objectives:
> • All class and field modifiers supported by the Java language  
> including private,
> public, protected, static, transient, abstract, final,  
> synchronized, and volatile, should be supported by JDO
> instances.
> Having read this, I expected that I should be able to define fields  
> within my PC classes as final, and everything would be OK.
> This, however, is not true because of section 18.15:
> Fields with modifier final: none. Accessors will be generated for  
> these fields during
> enhancement, but they will not delegate to the StateManager.
> And is further explained in 22.10.2:
> 22.10.2 Final
> A20.10.2-1 [Final fields are treated as non-persistent and non- 
> transactional by the enhancer.] Final
> fields are initialized only by the constructor, and their values  
> cannot be changed after construction
> of the instance. [Therefore, their values cannot be loaded or  
> stored by JDO; accesses are not medi-
> ated. This assertion is duplicated in chapter 18.]
> This treatment might not be what users expect; therefore, final  
> fields are not supported as persistent
> or transactional instance fields, final static fields are supported  
> by ignoring them.
> "Bummer", thought I.
> So, first of all, I'm suggesting that we at least modify 6.2 to  
> call out the exception to the rule, explicitly stating that final  
> fields are not supported.
> Preferably, however, I suggest we change the spec to support final  
> fields.  The statement in 22.10.2 that reads "final fields are  
> initialized only by the constructor, and their values cannot be  
> changed after construction of the instance" is actually incorrect.   
> Reflecting on a final field and calling setAccessible(true) does in  
> fact render it mutable to the caller.  This is all an  
> implementation needs to do!
> There's also the question of bytecode enhancement and the addition  
> of a no-arg constructor; it would be reasonable for the enhancer to  
> simply create a constructor that sets all the final fields to null;  
> it's going to write over them anyway.
> Perhaps I've missed something here, but I think the spec is just  
> incorrect on this matter, and it would serve users well to support  
> final on fields.  It was a huge disappointment for me when I first  
> found out JDO didn't allow for this, as I use final liberally to  
> ensure proper object construction.
> Thanks,
> - Chris Beams

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