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From Ilan Kirsh <ki...@objectdb.com>
Subject Re: Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Sep 28 , 9 am PDT
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2007 17:11:57 GMT
Hi Craig,

> 2. Test challenges. Some challenges have been filed by Ilan. Most  
> have been fixed in 2.1 maintenance (trunk) and one of them is  
> unresolved but can be fixed in the challenge resolution branch 2.0.1  
> interim to a final fix in 2.1 maintenance.
> Clarification: The 2.1 maintenance work is being done on the trunk.  
> We created a 2.0.1 branch that has no API changes from 2.0 but has  
> fixes for the tck where a specification clarification or API change  
> would be needed to pass the tck. A compliant JDO 2.0 implementation  
> should be able to pass the latest tck test in the 2.0.1 branch.

I am not sure I understand this. Currently it is impossible for a compliant
JDO implementation to pass the latest tck tests in the 2.0.1 branch.

For instance, look at:
As you explained very well in a comment to this issue on 16 Sep 2007,
an implementation should return 4 result objects rather than 3.

I suggest adding these 5 tests to the exclude list of branch 2.0.1.

Otherwise, until the release of JDO 2.1 no implementation can be
JDO compliance (unfortunately including the reference implementation),
because you can only pass the tests by violating the specification.

Regards, Ilan

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