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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, July 27, 9 am PDT
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 17:03:21 GMT
Attendees: Matthew Adams, Michael Bouschen, Michelle Caisse, Martin Zaun

Annotations news:

[From Craig, by email]:  The tck with annotations isn't working yet, 
although it does get past  the enhancement step. There are issues with 
relationships and  embedded null values.

The annotation element boundTypes has been changed to types for all 
annotations with this element.
Michelle will take a look Andy's issue of  field-type used in the tck 
for concrete classes. This is not necessary.
JPOX doesn't support embedding fields of non-persistent types even when 
the field-type attribute is used to specify the specific type. The TCK 
now uses inheritance from non-persistent interfaces, which allowed us to 
simplify the coding of new pc classes, but doesn't work with the 
embedded Address field.

Other issues:

Matthewstill has on his plate to write additional tests for persistence 
unit name, named pmf stuff.

Question from Matthew regarding the meaning of the Multithreaded flag. 
It is a hint to the implementation that the pm may be used by multiple 

-- Michelle

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