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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Named PMF proposal (JDOHelper enhancements)
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 19:23:00 GMT
Hi Matthew,

Some comments, or rather questions :-

1. Why call this file javax.jdo.xml ?, why not jdo.xml ?, or even why not 
persistence.xml ?

2. Why not just use same definition of "persistence.xml" from aforementioned 
JPA spec ? When JDO2.1 has annotations not everything is always defined in a 
jdo(/orm/jdoquery) file, so would be nice to have the ability to specify 
classes, or jars.

3. We could certainly extend the "persistence.xml" concept to add on the 
listeners, etc as proposed.

4. Why do we need "persistence-manager-factory" class="..." ? We could use the 
same boot idea as JPA and have a META-INF/services/javax.jdo.XXX file 
defining the PMF(s) available, and it takes the one that claims it supports 
the required "persistence-unit" (or PMF)


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