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From "Luca Garulli" <luca.garu...@assetdata.it>
Subject IN operator missed?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:29:47 GMT
Working in real-world applications using JDO 2.0 I beware about the SQL IN
equivalend operator missed by spec. An example:

public class Questionnaire{
  private Employee employee;

I'd like to get any Questionnaire instances for the following employee:
Luca, Robert and Chris. The CONTAINS operator works only on collection, but
it could be useful to execute a query like this:

List<Employee> list= new ArrayList<Employee>();
// LET'S THINK E1-E2-E3 are loaded before
List.add( e1 );
List.add( e2 );
List.add( e3 );

Query query = iManager.newQuery();
query.setClass( Questionnaire.class );
query.setFilter( "list.contains( employee )" );
query.declareVariables( "java.util.Collection list" );
query.execute( list );

JDO implementation should translate the query by using SQL IN operator and
the OID of Employee objects contained in the LIST collection passed as

What do you think?

Luca Garulli
CTO of Asset Data srl

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