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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Oct 27, 9 am PDT
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 16:48:30 GMT
Attendees: Matthew Adams, Martin Zaun, Michael Bouschen, Michelle Caisse

1.  JDO 2.1 maintenance release: current DB time

Consensus is to have a JDOQL function similar to SUM, AVG that would 
return the current time.  Do we need just one or several returning date, 
time,  timestamp?  More work is needed on how to conversions and 
comparisons of java.util.Date and SQL timestamp types..

2.  JDO annotations - split between JDO and ORM

AI: Everyone take a look at Andy's proposal attached to JDO-403.  Some 
feedback from those companies who originally asked for split JDO-ORM 
annotations (i.e Versant) would be welcomed.  The existence of these 
features in the .jar doesn't require their use, so it is does not have 
much practical import. AI: Matthew add comment to JDO-403. Discussion of 
how to annotate a package.  Martin stated that this was possible.  
Matthew thought it used package-info.java..

3. Other issues

Michael is about to update JDO dependencies (JDO-440).  Glassfish 
repository generates a warning, but download still works.

Michael has a test case that is failing on a Collection of Strings in a 
relationship.  AI: send email to jdo-dev.

JDO 2 Change Log has been published to the JCP site.

For next week's agenda: discuss new subprojects for JDO support of JDK 1.5.

Action Items from weeks past:

[Sep 1 2006] AI Craig  check into default handling to accommodate 
different defaults for annotations (?) based  on context. In progress.

[Aug 11 2006] AI Craig propose some semantics for behavior if user tries 
to add to a list where the ordering element is incorrect.

[Jul 14 2006] AI: Erik document 220 annotations that don't have a  
corresponding JDO concept.

[Jun 23 2006]  AI  Martin look at what Hibernate and TopLink support for 
Enum types. In progress.

[Apr 14 2006] AI Craig: update the roadmap for JDO. In progress.

[Nov 4 2005] AI Martin: Update Martin's wiki with discusion of JDK 1.5 
issues. In progress

[Sep 2 2005] AI: To recruit members, update the web site. Articles on 
TheServerSide directing attention to the site. T-shirts, logo. AI:  
Craig write a ServerSide article.

-- Michelle

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