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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject JDO2 annotations : split between JDO and ORM
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2006 11:39:02 GMT
An initial split of JDO and ORM annotations is at :-

JDO :-


Still to do :
@DatastoreIdentity currently has columns, indexed, etc. This will need 
splitting off into its own class-level annotation (@DatastoreIdentityColumns)

@Version currently has columns, indexed etc. This will need splitting off into 
its own class-level annotation (@VersionColumns)

@PersistenceCapable has joins. This can be replaced by the @Joins annotation.

@Field has table, unique, columns, delete-action, indexed. These will need 
replacing by things like @JoinTable, @SecondaryTable, @Columns

Also some possibilities in the DTD/XSD are not currently specifiable using 
annotations (e.g extensions on all main elements). We should aim to have an 
equivalent specification in annotations that we can do in metadata (though 
noting IIRC that JPA does not abide fully by this with some things being 
specifiable in metadata that annotations aren't flexible enough for).

I'd be interested to see any proposed split that others have come up with.

PS. Is it so essential to split off the "mappedBy" attribute of <field> into 
ORM ? It exists to define both ends of a bidirectional relation, and so would 
be used by Managed Relationships irrespective of whether the datastore is 
RDBMS (which is the principal target of such an "ORM" split).


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