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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] JDO 2.1 maintenance release
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2006 04:24:38 GMT
> I agree. After reading only the header of every option I though that 3 is
> the best and 1 is the worst, but after reading the cons of 2 and 3 it seems
> that 1 is the only feasible option. I am afraid that plans for 6-8 months
> might eventually take much longer and because the project is under
> resourced the amount of work should be a main consideration. Adding support
> for sub queries for existing users of JDK 1.4 is a minor issue IMO, that
> might be resolved as an extension to JDO 2.01 by vendors that are
> interested.

I still fail to see any significant change in the "amount of work" between 1 
and 2. You have these features
A. You have to support subqueries.
B. You have to support the minor API updates for JDK1.3+
C. You have to support annotations and enums.

With Option 1 you just dump it all (A,B,C) into a single SVN branch.
With Option 2 you put A, B into branch 2.1 now, you then start branch 2.2 and 
put C into that (since it already has A,B). Work on C can start now. You 
don't have to start when A,B are done. I fail to see why the second part 
should take 6 months. What is there ? Splitting annotations into JDO and 
ORM ? I'll do that next week if someone is prepared to add it to the spec ;-) 
It only took 3 days to write them in the first place.

So the *only* difference in amount of work is making 2 releases (and releasing 
a project should not be time consuming). The benefit of 2 is that you get a 
JDK1.3+ standard and a JDK1.5+


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