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From Geoff hendrey <geoff_hend...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: The Future of JDO
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 15:44:44 GMT
Hi All,

It's been a while since I've posted. I've taken down the JDOMax website, and I'm now focusing
my efforts on Shades.

I continue to think that JDO is a leap forward, and I continue to share my great experiences
as both a user of JDO and an implementer.

Unfortunately, just keeping up with the TCK was becoming a goal in and of itself, and eventually
I realized one guy simply can't do it. Therefore, I decided to refocus my efforts on smaller
core of great ideas that came in part from working on JDOMax. I'm hoping that by working closely
with the Wicket community, I can insure that Shades evolves iteratively and meets the needs
of a focused user base. I'd like to offer up that one thing the JDO community could do to
drive adoption is insure that JDO implementers work closely with other framework communities,
Like Wicket, Tapestry, Webwork, etc. For example, Wicket has a project called "phonebook"
which is a best practices example for using data access frameworks through Spring. Ibatis
and Hibernate are represented, and I'll add Shades soon.

talk soon,

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From: Erik Bengtson <erik@jpox.org>
To: jdo-dev@db.apache.org; JDO Expert Group <jdo-experts-ext@sun.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 5, 2006 5:43:26 AM
Subject: Re: The Future of JDO

> The fact that JPA has not really had much impact (that is the
> perception out there, I don't know the reality, but in the market it
> is perception that matters) does give JDO a new opportunity to rise
> up and be reconsidered.

This is very important point, but maybe optimistic. I would say that's the last
opportunity for JDO to get some traction.

In my packet for JDO 2.1 / 3, I would include services around the API like
failover, transaction recovery, management and monitoring. I dont't see much
things more where JDO could differ from JPA. On the other side JPA has support
from big vendors, and in one way or other this is very confortable for short
term / long term while JDO is perceived as dead by many.

I would love to spend more time on marketing however time is short and market
needs to be followed by execution capacity which, for JPOX at least is limited
by number of contributors.


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