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From Marco Schulze <Ma...@NightLabs.de>
Subject Re: makePersistent detached instance deleted on database
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 16:10:44 GMT
Marco Schulze wrote:
> Hello JDO team,
> we have the following situation, which IMHO Erik is refering to:
> We have multiple datastores where each datastore belongs to one 
> organisation (e.g. company). In order for the organisations to do 
> business with each other, they need to exchange data. Thus, all our 
> JDO objects are owned by one datastore and have the organisationID of 
> this datastore as part of their composite PK (we are using exclusively 
> application identity).
> Now, say organisation B wants to become a reseller for organisation A 
> concerning their ProductType Mercedes320E. This causes the object 
> graph of the Mercedes320E (including price configuration and a lot of 
> other data) to be copied from datastore A to datastore B. Of course, 
> some of the objects within this graph (e.g. the currency EUR) already 
> exist in datastore B and some don't (e.g. the currency $). The ones 
> that don't exist yet must be added - the ones that are already there 
> need an update.
> After this initial copy, the copied object will be updated whenever 
> the object graph is modified in the original datastore. Until now, as 
> well for the initial copying as for the updates, I simply detached my 
> ProductType from datastore A with all the necessary fetch-groups and 
> attached it in datastore B. This was simply adding/overwriting all the 
> data within the object graph and that's basically the behaviour I need.
> I hope I could explain the situation well enough.
> Best regards,
> Marco Schulze
> NightLabs GmbH
I just wanted to clarify sth.: Of course every organisation is at the 
same time publisher of objects (e.g. manufacturer of a product) and 
subscriber (e.g. reseller). Thus, it is not a master-slave-scenario, but 
all organisations need to be able to copy data from another organisation 
defining using certain fetch-groups.

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