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From Wes Biggs <...@tralfamadore.com>
Subject Re: distinct by owner? select distinct collectionField from SomeClass
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:55:35 GMT
OK by me, though I would prefer the language to be something more like 
this is an area of non-portable (rather than forbidden) behavior.  I.e. 
no need for TCK test cases.

In reference to Bin Sun's question regarding the distinct keyword, 
however, I don't think an implementation would need to check if the 
Collections/Maps were .equal(); the spec doesn't say so explicitly, but 
I assume that "distinct" applies to JDO identity, not Java equality, and 
two Collections/Maps would only be nondistinct if they had multiple 
owning objects (which is explicitly NOT mandated per 20.2).


Craig L Russell wrote:

> Hi Bin,
> I think it's confusing to project a collection or map in a query. The  
> reason is that if there is a variable that derives from the same  
> field as is being projected, the user might think that the field will  
> be subject to the same constraints as the query, but this would be  
> wrong.
> I'd rather we restrict projections of collection and map in queries.  
> We can always add it later once we think more about whether it makes  
> sense and has a strong justification.
> What can the user not do today if we restrict projection of  
> collections and maps? If the user really wants to navigate to the  
> collection or map field, then just project the instance and navigate  
> to the fields of interest.
> Craig
> On Feb 13, 2006, at 6:27 PM, Bin Sun wrote:
>> Hi, all!
>>     Did anyone notice this?
>> --- Bin Sun <sun2bin@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>>     I have more concern about Collection and Map
>>> projection: is this query easy to implement?
>>> select distinct employees from Department where ...
>>> At least I don't know how a SQL datastore could
>>> compare the collections one another.
>>>     So, maybe we should discribe more on Collection
>>> and Map projection, or simply specify that their
>>> distinction is the same as their owner objects,
>>> dispite whether they equal one another.

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