I'd like to propose that we release jdo2 beta based on the current code in the svn repository and a few minor changes.

1. JDO-278 Change the group ids for the project from apache-jdo to

org.apache.jdo for the non-API projects
javax.jdo for the API projects.

2. Change the version on all projects to 2.0-beta. This can be changed when we make the JDO-278 changes.

3. JDO-279 Distribute the tck20 as a source distribution and the other components as downloadable binary components. These would go into the apache maven repository at

I'd like to have everyone's vote by Thursday 18-Jan-2006.



Craig Russell

Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System

408 276-5638

P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!