I've recorded this as Issue 153. I propose to defer this to a future release.

Currently super is not a JDOQL keyword, so there is no way to exactly duplicate the semantics of Java super. In Java, super is used to access a field (or method, but methods are not relevant for JDOQL) that is hidden by a subclass field of the same name. 

The main use of this in JDOQL would be to access a hidden field where the declaring class is not known. If the declaring class is known, then the field can be accessed by casting “this” to the declaring class in a field navigation expression, e.g. ((MySuperclass)this).hiddenField


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Hi Erik,

do you think we need to support super in JDOQL? You only need it if the cancdidate class hides a supeclass field and if S is the superclass you can write 'super.field' as '((S)this).field'.

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In JDOQL BNF, it's not a valid field accessor. The same for ClassName.super

Primary . FieldName


Erik Bengtson

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Hi Erik,

It is not in the spec because it's already a Java keyword. Please see

Keywords must not be used as package names, class names, parameter
names, or variable names in queries. Keywords are permitted as field
names only if they are on the right side of the “.” in field access
expressions as defined in the Java Language Specification second
edition, section 15.11. Keywords include the Java language keywords
and the JDOQL keywords. Java keywords are as defined in the Java
language specification section 3.9, plus the boolean literals true
and false, and the null literal. JDOQL keywords maybe written in all
lower case or all upper case.

What specifically are you interested in knowing?



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Is it intentionally not in the spec?


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