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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release JDO2 beta
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 21:18:18 GMT
I agree with Michael and Michelle that the proposed JDO2 beta bits  
are fatally flawed and need to be respun.

We need to fix the missing build.properties and fix the RunRules.html  
in order to have people test the IUT. Without these fixes there can  
be minimum testing of the tck functionality.

I'll post a new version as soon as I can get onto a public network.


On Jan 23, 2006, at 10:46 AM, Michael Bouschen wrote:

> Hi Michelle,
>> Hi Michael,
>> Comments below...
>> Michael Bouschen wrote:
>>> Hi Michelle,
>>>> Hi Craig,
>>>> I have the same problem as Michael has with the maven automatic  
>>>> download of the jdo beta jars.  I will try manually downloading  
>>>> them.  Also, a comment on RunRules.html:
>>>>> From the installation directory, call maven tck20.build which  
>>>>> will build the jar files used in the tests, create the Derby  
>>>>> database, install the schema into the Derby database, and run  
>>>>> the TCK on the Reference Implementation.
>>>>> From the installation directory, change to the tck20 directory.  
>>>>> Then call maven runtck.iut
>>>> I think these directions were appropriate for a source  
>>>> distribution of the product.  Now I believe it should say to  
>>>> call maven build, then (from the same directory)  call maven  
>>>> runtck.iut.
>>> Good point!
>>> The instructions above say to call maven tck20.build from  
>>> installation directory. This calls maven build in the tck20  
>>> directory, but before it calls maven build in api20, core20 and  
>>> enhancer20. So these directories need to be in place for maven  
>>> tck20.build to succeed.
>>> I agree it should say to do a maven build in the tck20 directory.
>>> Regards Michael
>> What tck20 directory?  I don't see that the old tck20, api20, ...  
>> directories exist in this distribution at all.  After unzipping,  
>> there is the root dir with README.txt and jdo-tck-2.0-beta. jdo- 
>> tck-2.0-beta is the equivalent to the source tck20 directory and  
>> contains the project files, src directory, and after maven build,  
>> target and iut_jars directories.  Or maybe you just meant to say  
>> it should say to do a maven build in the jdo-tck-2.0-beta directory?
> Oops, you are right this is what I meant to say.
> Regards Michael
>> -- Michelle
> -- 
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