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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Jan 13, 9 am PST
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 18:06:05 GMT
Attendees: Michelle Caisse, Michael Bouschen, Erik Bengtson, Martin  
Zaun, Craig Russell


1. Test status (Michael) 1154 tests 4 failures 4 errors. Only query  
tests and inheritance3 mapping tests are failing. Need to finish  
writing test cases.

2. Split alltests.conf (Michael) Michael has split the alltests.conf  
into a dozen categories and checked it in. Done. AI Michael look at  
the logging settings to be sure we're not over-logging during the run.

3. Fieldtypes test status (Michelle) All now pass. Craig filed a JIRA  
regarding BigInteger. Needs review but ready to check in. AI  
Michelle: file an improvement JIRA on the mapping of  

4. Build clean-up and enhancements (Michelle) Michelle has  
reorganized maven.xml and project.properties. Almost ready to split  
properties for IUT into own properties.

5. Assertions in the spreadsheet, unimplemented assertion categories  
in JIRA (Craig) Need to make sure that all assertions in the spec are  
in the spreadsheet and all assertions in the spreadsheet are either  
implemented or are JIRA issues. AI Michael update the JIRA for  
nontransctional-dirty JDO-258 and JDO-259 to add the assertions to  
the spreadsheet. AI Craig make assertions in the spec for FetchPlan,  
add the assertions to the spreadsheet, and file JIRA issues for  
implementing test cases. AI Martin look at the enhancement tests for  
completeness (JDO-64).

6. Other issues (any and all)

AI Craig Call for a vote to release JDO2 beta and look into issues of  
packaging the release in the release directory parallel to the trunk.

AI Michelle create a new maven project that has a binary dependency  
on the xxx20 projects but has no source distribution. That is, a  
project called iut20 that has only a maven.xml, project.xml, and  
project.properties. This will allow us to distribute the tck without  
any source distribution.

Action Items from weeks past:

[Jan 6 2005] AI: Michael: need to add a public static final field in  
a public class to test fully qualified class name static field in query.

[Jan 6 2005] The JIRA issues associated with detachment need to be  
cleaned up; they mixed the life cycle and behavior of detached and  
persistent-nontransactional-dirty objects. AI: Matthew and Craig to  
fix up. Done.

[Dec 23 2005] Graduation issues, changes to the repository (Craig) AI  
Craig: follow up with DB PMC to see if all committers should become  
members of db group.

[Dec 23 2005] Query tests (Michael B) Looking at JDO-194 errors on  
Windows that don't happen on Linux. Might be a JRE bug. AI Martin  
file a Java bug so we know that there is a Java issue.

[Dec 23 2005] Fetch depth discussion: The spec needs more information  
than is there in the PFD. AI Craig get more jdo experts involved in  
the discussion.

[Dec 9 2005] What optional feature is making inheritance mapping 3  
fail? AI:  Craig discuss with expert group.

[Dec 9 2005]: Nontransactional write semantics appear to differ  
between optimistic and datastore transactions. Is this intentional?  
AI: Craig discuss with expert group.

[Dec 2 2005] Inheritance 3 fails. Optimization of inheritance 1 where  
there is no  table for abstract classes. JPOX doesn't support it. AI  
Craig:  discuss this mapping with expert group. It might be an  
optional feature.

[Nov 18 2005] AI: BEA to sign the donation paperwork for their test   
suite. Review how to merge their test cases into JDO TCK.

[Nov 4 2005] AI Martin: Update Martin's wiki with discusion of JDK   
1.5 issues. in progress

[Oct 14 2005] AI: Michelle distill the mapping support that JPOX has   
into a list of features that are/are not supported.

[Oct 14 2005] AI: Push jars to Apache repository (Craig) In  
progress.  Several things need to be updated, including  
project.properties,  project.xml and maven.xml.

[Sep 2 2005] AI: To recruit members, update the web site. Articles  
on  TheServerSide directing attention to the site. T-shirts, logo.  
AI:  Craig write a ServerSide article.

[Aug 5 2005] AI: Brian McCallister can send info on the instructions   
how to sync Apache and ibiblio. Brian Topping needs info on  creating  
a maven package.

[July 29 2005] AI: Michelle Chapter 18 wiki needs to be updated to   
include all JDO metadata elements and attributes. [not done]

[April 15 2005] AI: Brian Topping will update the wiki to tell how  
to  access our releases area.

[April 15 2005] AI: Brian Topping will do the maven goal for  
creating  and uploading the snapshots. He will create a directory  
parallel to  trunk called "releases" and put the snapshots there.

[May 13 2005] AI: Brian Topping will arrange for automated nightly   

[May 20 2005] AI: Craig to define the JCP distributions and see if   
maven can help.

Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System http://java.sun.com/products/jdo
408 276-5638 mailto:Craig.Russell@sun.com
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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