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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject For immediate release: Apache JDO achieves Apache project status
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 01:20:44 GMT
I'm happy to announce that Apache JDO http://db.apache.org/jdo, which  
has been in incubation for the past 7 months, has graduated from the  
Apache Incubator and is now an ongoing sub-project of the Database  
(DB) Top Level Project at Apache. http://db.apache.org It joins  
Apache Derby, DdlUtils, ObjectRelationalBridge, and Torque in the DB  

The Incubator http://incubator.apache.org determined that Apache JDO  
had met the requirements of graduation from the incubator. This  
includes the following:

The code must be donated to the Apache Foundation, and include a  
suitable license. Apache JDO uses the Apache License Version 2.0.

The project must be worthy and healthy, and be organized according to  
the "Apache Way". This means, among other things, that communications  
in the project are conducted in the open, decisions are made by  
consensus in the open, and the project is run as a meritocracy, in  
which responsibility is granted to individuals according to their  
ability to contribute to the project.

The project must not be dependent on a single contributor, and there  
are at least three independent committers.

The DB Project Management Committee has voted to accept Apache JDO as  
a sub-project, and the project is now included as part of the DB  

  The immediate goals of the Apache JDO project are to complete the  
JDO 2.0 API and Technology Compatibility Kit in preparation for  
release of Java Specification Request 243 under the auspices of the  
Java Community Process. The JDO 2.0 Reference Implementation is being  
developed in another open source project, JPOX http://jpox.org, under  
the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

Medium range goals of the Apache JDO project include work to  
integrate Apache JDO into other open source projects inside and  
outside Apache.

Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System http://java.sun.com/products/jdo
408 276-5638 mailto:Craig.Russell@sun.com
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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