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From Jörg von Frantzius <joerg.von.frantz...@artnology.com>
Subject Re: fetch-depth + recursion-depth
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 12:49:11 GMT
Marco Schulze wrote:
> Jörg von Frantzius wrote:
>> After having thought about it for a while, I started to doubt whether 
>> we really need a "recursion-depth" number  here. Can you think of a 
>> case where you'd need any value greater than 1 here?
> We have a case in which we need a "recursion-depth" greater than 1:
> We use a tree of objects (all of the same class, self-referencing via 
> a Collection), where the GUI loads this tree initially with 
> recursion-depth=2 in order to immediately show the first level of the 
> tree expanded and the second level ready - with already knowing 
> whether an expand-icon needs to be visible or not. In other words: we 
> load always one level more in the tree than is visible for 
Now that's convincing! Sorry for not having thought of this case, and 
please forget about that "recurse-class-cycles" flag. I'd absolutely 
second a proposal for a "recursion-depth" number; if anyone would ask 
me, that is ;)


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