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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject TCK : DeleteCallback
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 08:54:28 GMT
The DeleteCallback test when using relationships is apparently insisting that 
no [pre/post]Store event is ever fired after the first [pre/post]Delete 
event. I'd like to confirm why this is the case. 

JPOX does the following :-

1. Query.deletePersistentAll() called, so we flush all instances passed in 
(this flushing is not in JPOX CVS as yet).
2. [pre/post]Store are called on all flushed instances.
3. deletePersistent is called on the first instance. This can cause updates to 
related instances since the instance is now deleted, which can trigger a 
further [pre/post]Store on the related instances (which aren't yet deleted, 
since their turn has not come yet).

Where exactly does it say in the spec that a JDO implementation cannot fire 
off further [pre/post]Store on related instances during the deletion 
process ? i.e the JDO2 spec is expecting the implementation to turn off 
reporting of events on all instances in the process of being deleted ?


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