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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: Lifecycle listener events concerning store/delete
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 08:58:23 GMT
Hi Andy,

I attached a patch to JDO-166 implementing the test case
(DeleteCallback). If you adjust TCK debug logging, then the lifecycle
listener logs events as they arrive. Attached you find a log file.

> Hi Michael,
>>Is the different event handling concerning relationships intentional?
> Impossible to comment without having a case in front of me that I can see what 
> is being performed. I dont know what relationships you have between those 
> objects and what is having makePersistent/deletePersistent called on it at 
> what point in the listing. 
> JPOX doesn't have any "different handling" for particular cases. It simply 
> fires events when an object is migrated between states. 
> When no relationships are involved then the events will always go in pairs 
> since nothing else is happening in between. It doesn't have to navigate 
> around to anything related to check if it should update that too.
> When relationships are involved then it may start doing something and find 
> that the field has a related object, so has to navigate through the field and 
> perform the necessary operation on the related object. Consequently the other 
> object will likely finish its operation before the original object finishes, 
> and so the events won't go in pairs necessarily. For example, if you ask to 
> delete an object, and it has a related field that  has changes not yet 
> flushed to the datastore, then the store events will then get fired on that, 
> before any delete happens on the requested object.

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