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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: Latest JDOQL tests
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 16:43:02 GMT
Hi Andy,

I checked in the fixes.

I renamed method MetadataSearchOrder.testPackageJDOQuery to 
MetadataSearchOrder.testClassJDOQuery because the meta data in file 
Person.jdoquery only concerns class Person.

The test MetadataSearchOrder still fails though the .jdoquery file is 
contained in the enhanced jars. Please have a look.

Note: When you run the test the first time, make sure to delete the 
enhanced jars. Otherwise, the timestamp check will fail because your jar 
is newer that the meta data files under test/jdo. As a consequence, the 
jars will not be regenerated.

The test SingleStringQuery succeeds for the first query. It fails for 
the second query. There, the result of the query is overwritten passing 
null (Query.setResult(null)) but query execution still returns object 
arrays having firstname and lastname.

I also fixed the issue of comparing object arrays as part of that checkin.


> Hi Andy,
> you are right concerning both issues below. I'll fix that.
> Thanks,
> Michael
>> Hi Michael,
>> have been through your latest JDOQL tests that were checked in 
>> yesterday, and
>> applied necessary changes to JPOX.
>> Some things for you also I think :-
>> 1. MetadataSearchOrder.testPackageJDOQuery - this complains about not 
>> finding the
>> "jdoquery" file. By my understanding the jdoquery file is not being 
>> placed in the
>> "enhanced" directory, and hence JPOX would be working miracles to find 
>> it. Can
>> you check ?
>> 2. SingleStringQuery.testPositive - this uses IMPORT in capitals. 
>> Should be lowercase
>> -- 
>> Andy

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