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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: TCK : jdoql.operator.NotEquals
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 19:40:32 GMT
Hi Andy,

you are right, NotEquals is comparing floating point values using != and 
in general this is not a good idea (BTW, the same holds true for class 

This is a old test that came from JDO1 and AFAIK it has not been changed 
since then. So I'm wondering why it is failing now. Could you file a 
JIRA issue for this?


Regards Michael

> The TCK test for NotEquals is comparing the equality of floating point values and
> subsequently failing.
> The spec says :-
> <spec>
> Note that comparisons between floating point values are by nature inexact.
> Therefore, equality com-
> parisons (== and !=) with floating point values should be used with caution.
> </spec>
> Can someone please review this test, and comment on its validity.
> --
> Andy

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