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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Nov 4, 9 am PST
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 18:50:54 GMT
1. Test status (Michael W) 6 configs fail of 28.  alltests: 5 F 15 E / 
448 app & ds identity

> 2. Query tests (Michael W) 

MW submitted second patch for JDO-163. Continued working on 164.  Need 
improved result check for floats   Methods should be generic and 
available to other tests outside the query package.  Fixed query bugs 
reported by Andy.  AI MB to ask Andy to file JIRA issue.  Problem may 
actually be the equals method of the persistent object.

> 3. ANTLR 2.7.5 lib in ibiblio repository (Karan) 

Jar had disappeared from ibibli, but is back again.  We're okay for now, 
but need to keep in mind that there could be an issue in the future.  No 
action required now

> 4. Detached objects (Matthew) 

No change.

> 5. getObjectsById tests (Geoff) 

No change

> 6. ri11 enhancer support for jdk 1.5 (Martin) 

MB checked in model changes needed by Martin. Need to use 
maven.compile.source, maven.compile.target whenever we call javac in our 
build scripts. These set java version for source and byte code.  This 
may explain failure Martin reported by email.  AI Martin: fix build 
scripts. AI Martin: Update Martin's wiki with discusion of JDO 1.5 issues.

> 7. JPOX fixes/issues (Erik) 

No issues reported. Lots of improvements in error rate.

> 8. Fieldtypes test status (Michelle) 

Checked in the remaining metadata for Map *StringKeyValue classes. 
Changed metadata in all failing tests to define the implementated or 
instantiated type (SimpleClass) for all Object or SimpleInterface 
fields. This fixes the error, revealing some typos in metadata or schema 
(JDO-200), and a problem with one test class (JDO-201). The only 
remaining problem is that there is no metadata available to inform the 
implementation about the implemented or instantiated type for arrays 

> 9. Other  issues and status (any and all) 

Augmentation testing for extending behavior

Currently we have tests that the enhanced classes have the correct 
methods and signatures.  No tests that the methods have the correct 
behavior.. Martin is using a dynamic proxy to implement a mock state 
manager.  Checks that methods are correctly delegated to state manager 
and checks pre and post conditions.

> Action Items from weeks past:
> [Oct 14 2005]: AI: Martin will  start a Wiki page with 1.5 issues, to  
> be linked by the web site. [Was in progress.] 

Still in progress.  One page on test enhancements complete and open for 
discussion, another will be written [see item 6 above.]

> [Oct 14 2005]: AI: Michelle distill the mapping support that JPOX has  
> into a list of  features that are/are not  not supported.
> [Oct 14 2005]: AI: Craig discuss mapping options with expert group.
> [Oct 14 2005]: Push jars to Apache repository (Craig) In progress.  
> Several things  need to be updated, including project.properties,  
> project.xml and  maven.xml.
> [Sep 2 2005]: To recruit members, update the web site. Articles on
> TheServerSide directing attention to the site. T-shirts, logo. AI:
> Craig write a ServerSide article.
> [Aug 12 2005] AI: Craig to propose release of API20 and the entire 11
> release (API, RI, TCK). This generated a large response on the
> incubator alias.
> [Aug 5 2005] AI Brian McCallister can send info on the instructions
> how to sync Apache and ibiblio.  Re: Brian Topping needs info on
> creating a maven package.
> [July 29 2005] AI: Michelle Chapter 18 wiki needs to be updated to
> include all JDO metadata elements and attributes. [not done]
> [July 29 2005] (Craig, Brian T.) Need some permissions that Brian is
> working on.
> [Jul 8]  Double-check locking in the PMF (Martin) Martin has
> implemented and will check in.
> [April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will update the wiki to tell how to
> access our releases area.
> [April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will do the maven goal for creating and
> uploading the snapshots. He will create a directory parallel to trunk
> called "releases" and put the snapshots there.
> [May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will implement pushing SNAPSHOT builds of
> the project to ibiblio.
> [May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will arrange for automated nightly   
> builds.
> [May 13 2005] AI Martin Zaun will investigate JSR 294 (Java 5) to see
> impact on enhancer.
> [May 20 2005] AI Craig to define the JCP distributions and see if maven
> can help. 

-- Michelle

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