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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Issue 145: Mapping Map with embedded PersistenceCapable
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:32:02 GMT

I'd like to add a line to the specification that a portable mapping  
for arrays, collections, and maps will include a primary key on the  
join table. There is not always a way for the JDO implementation to  
guess what the primary key constraints should be for a join table.

The issue came up with the TCK where we were trying to get JPOX to  
recognize that an embedded PersistenceCapable in a join table can  
have a unique identifying field. In the case of datastore identity,  
this doesn't work because there is no primary key field in the  

<proposed 18.14>
A portable mapping for arrays, collections, and maps will include a  
primary key on the join table.
</proposed 18.14>

This is discussed on the Apache JDO JIRA page http:// 
issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JDO-211 if you would like more  


Test*MapStringValueCollections there is a mismatch between orm and  

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Comment by Michelle Caisse [12/Nov/05 02:35 AM]
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PC fields that were specified embedded in the orm were a reference to  
a join table in the schema, and vice versa. I fixed the mapping  
problem with revision 332699.

However, JPOX still wants an adapter index column in the schema for  
embedded PC fields (see JDO-121 for a discussion). Since Map does not  
allow duplicates, and MapStringKeyCollections pass without an order  
column such as we used to map Collections, it seems that this is a  
JPOX bug.

Comment by Andy Jefferson [12/Nov/05 07:16 AM]
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Hi Michelle,
I'm not convinced that it's a JPOX bug here. I'll explain why

Let's take the example of MapStringValueCollections, and its field  
"MapOfObject_String3". This is defined as
a Map field with join table and with key of SimpleClass, value of  
String. Both key and value are embedded, so the join table will have
* FK back to the owner table (IDENTIFIER)
* column for the value
* column(s) for the key fields
This is all well and good, but is missing one thing. JPOX needs to  
put a PK on the join table. What are you proposing that it uses ? It  
doesnt have an id for the (embedded) SimpleClass key. So it needs  
something else - and in this case it adds this ADPT_PK_IDX column.

Is there a field in the key class (SimpleClass) that would give  
uniqueness ? e.g "ID" ? In that case you should define the <primary- 
key> on the join table to be formed by IDENTIFIER and ID. This should  
be enough to stop JPOX adding its own PK adapter column (and if it  
doesnt prevent it then it is indeed a bug in JPOX). If there isn't a  
field of that nature then you have to have the ADPT_PK_IDX, or the  
JDO impl needs to be told somehow that it should not create a PK on  
the join table (which should be the last option IMHO since its a best  
practice to have one).

I noticed that in the TestHashSetCollections/TestSetCollections you  
added <order> which avoided this issue. This means that you have a  
HashSet/Set that can't contain duplicates (since its a Set), and a  
datastore representation that *can* have dups. Using a join table  
primary-key specification (like that above) there would have been  
better IMHO.

Comment by Craig Russell [13/Nov/05 11:29 PM]
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1. Let's take the example of application identity for  
MapStringValueCollections, and its field "MapOfObject_String3".

The key for this map is SimpleClass. The metadata for SimpleClass  
says that the primary key field of the class is "id". So JPOX knows  
that there is a key object embedded in the join table that has a  
primary key field, and that field can be used as the primary key of  
the join table.

2. Take the case of datastore identity for MapStringValueCollections,  
and its field "MapOfObject_String3".

The key for this map is SimpleClass. The metadata for SimpleClass  
doesn't identify a primary key (duh. It's datastore identity). So  
JPOX has no idea that there is a key field in the key object.  
Therefore, the orm metadata needs to identify a key column for the  
join table, and I'd suggest using the id column as the key, as Andy  

Sadly, the HashSetCollections and SetCollections have <order> columns  
which is not correct. There should not be an ordering specified for  
the join table since duplicates are not allowed. So the mapping for  
application identity should not need a primary key but the datastore  
identity mapping does need a primary key (and again, I'd use the id  
field of SimpleClass as the join table key column.

Comment by Andy Jefferson [14/Nov/05 07:03 PM]
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Agree with Craig wrt app identity. JPOX should (and indeed does in  
JPOX CVS - builds 15/11/2005 onwards) use the app id fields of the  
key as part of the PK when the user hasn't specified the PK, so no  
need to add the PK spec for that identity case.

It shows up some schema mapping issues. For example in  
HashMapStringValueCollections (app identity) there is a field  
HashMapOfSimpleClass_String12 that has an embedded key (SimpleClass),  
which has no <embedded> definition, and which has a schema consisting  
of a single column for that embedded key.

It also gets through to the actual test of expected versus actual on  
MapStringValueCollections (app identity) with the failure being in  
the comparison process - the values are correct by my reckoning

Comment by Michelle Caisse [17/Nov/05 06:42 PM]
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Checked in various metadata changes that resolve some of the problems  
in application identity. -- revision 345289.

Comment by Michelle Caisse [17/Nov/05 06:45 PM]
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The attached patch adds a pk to the id column of join tables for  
SimpleClass fields for datastore identity. JPOX still gives the same  
error with this patch applied:
SQL Exception: 'ADPT_PK_IDX' is not a column in table or VTI  
SQL Exception: 'ADPT_PK_IDX' is not a column in table or VTI  
SQL Exception: 'ADPT_PK_IDX' is not a column in table or VTI  
SQL Exception: 'ADPT_PK_IDX' is not a column in table or VTI  

Comment by Craig Russell [18/Nov/05 06:15 PM]
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This appears to be a JPOX issue assuming a column that doesn't exist.

Comment by Michelle Caisse [19/Nov/05 01:52 AM]
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Committed patch with revision 345615.

Comment by Andy Jefferson [21/Nov/05 07:09 PM]
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I see that the MetaData is now, for example
<field name="HashMapOfObject_String3" table="HASHMAP_OBJECT3_STR">
     <join column="IDENTIFIER"/>
             <field name="id" primary-key="true" column="ID"/>
             <field name="intField" column="INTVAL"/>
             <field name="stringField" column="STRINGVAL"/>
     <value column="VALUEVAL"/>

That certainly doesnt agree with my definition of a PK specification  
for the join table. It should be (IMHO) like this

             <column name="IDENTIFIER"/>
             <column name="ID"/>
which nicely defines the colums to be used for the join table. Using  
fields of an embedded object and specifying primary-key there is not  
logical to me, and not supported by JPOX either. The JPOX online docs
provides what we support for PK definition, which is that above.

Comment by Craig Russell [21/Nov/05 08:16 PM]
[ Permlink ]

Combining the metadata for the field, join, key, and value, I come up  
with this:

<field name="HashMapOfObject_String3" table="HASHMAP_OBJECT3_STR">
     <join column="IDENTIFIER"/>
             <column name="IDENTIFIER"/>
             <column name="ID"/>
             <field name="id" column="ID"/>
             <field name="intField" column="INTVAL"/>
             <field name="stringField" column="STRINGVAL"/>
     <value column="VALUEVAL"/>

This should be a standard, portable mapping for the map<embedded  
SimpleClass, embedded String> case.

I will propose to the expert group that a portable mapping for  
arrays, collections, and maps will include a primary key on the join  

Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System http://java.sun.com/products/jdo
408 276-5638 mailto:Craig.Russell@sun.com
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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